February 15, 2023

Brugada Pattern


Vignette: 45M CKD on IHD c/o pleuritic CP x 2d

(-) cough, fever or chills

BP 110/70 HR 80's RR 18 afeberile Osat 99% RA

ECG case - Digitized using PMCardioApp

What is the  ECG dx?

  1. Brugada pattern
  2. Anterior wall STEMI
  3. Inferior wall STEMI
  4. Arrhythmogenic CM

The ST pattern in V1 & V2 is Brugada pattern. V3 & V4 have tall &  tented T waves which is highly suggestive of hyperkalemia (K is > 6). Thus, this is Brugada phenocopy.

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