March 21, 2023

T W memory in LBBB-aberrancy

What is your  ECG dx? 

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Image 1 - Image case

A-SR/SB, dextrocardia

B-SR/SB, anterior wall ischemia

C-SR/SB, intermittent WPW pattern

D-SR/SB, LBBB-aberrancy, TW memory, poss lead reversal

February 15, 2023

ST Elevations in Multiple Leads


70 yo c/o CP. 

What is the interpretation? 

  1. STEMI
  2. EMA artifacts
  3. Myopericarditis
  4. Spike-helmet ECG

STEMI-ST elevation myocardial infarction

EMA - electromechanical association

Atrial Flutter with Lead Reversal


Pt came is due to palpitations

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What is the rhythm? 

  1. ST - sinus tachycardia
  2. AVRT - AV reentry tachycardia
  3. AVNRT- AV nodal reentry tachycardia
  4. AT/AFL-atrial tachycardia/flutter