May 31, 2018

The Practical Value of a PVC in ECG Interpretation

Premature ventricular complexes (PVC) often are useful in ECG interpretation. Sometimes, in patient with long PR interval (first degree AV block) the P waves seems to merge/fuse with the T waves. If you look for a PVC, there you will see the distinct P wave and you are now convinced that there is sinus rhythm with long PRI (first degree AV block)

Image 1 - A 12-lead ECG misread by machine


  1. There's another possibility here: the long PR interval may be due to retrograde (i.e., ventriculo-atrial) concealed conduction with concealed linking causing the PR intervals that follow the quadrigeminal VPCs to be prolonged (post-VPC PRI prolongation).

  2. Thanks for the comment and sorry for the very late reply. Yes, it is concealed VA conduction can cause sudden PRI prolongation. However, in this case the PRI are the same all thorughtout. Thus, I believe this strip is not a good example for concealed conduction causing PRI prolongation. I believe I have those entries under concealed conduction.


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