March 10, 2017

ECG from Another Dimension?

As I wait for a chance to get into medical residency, I've been earning a living as nocturnal monitor technician. It's almost my 10th year swiping my credit card and clicking the ERAS site. In the span of 10 years, I have encountered 2 strange phenomena at work.

In the first few years as monitor technician, I am monitoring a small stroke unit. We were using the Dragger system. The other units already has upgraded to the GE system. That unit is the last to be upgraded. At around 12 midnight I noticed an ECG signal from a room. It was sinus rhythm. I asked a nurse to check the room and I checked the telemetry box. There was no patient in the room and the box has no battery and no wires. After a few minutes, the signals faded and disappear. The manner of signal disappearance was like that of a monitored patient that is going farther from the unit. We printed the strip and named the signal "George". Unfortunately, I was not able to scan the strip and I lost the strip.

Just last month, I encountered this same phenomenon. This time we are using the upgraded GE system. We assigned a telebox number to the non-monitored or non-tele patient. This way we know that there is a patient in the room in case they call from the room. At around 5 am, I noticed an ECG signal in sinus rhythm.

Image 1 - ECG signal

I asked the nurse if they made patient tele. The nurse said that the patient is still non-tele. I checked the box. The box has no battery and no wires. In short, it was not attached to the patient. I checked in the unit if there was a box with same number but there was none. I checked the other units if they have a box with the same number but they have none.

I do not know how to explain these phenomena but I might have seen or monitored a patient from another dimension or an entity which is emitting an electrical signal. A ghost? I do not know....
After a minute, I lost the signal.

Image 2 - Signal lost

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