November 17, 2015

Electrical and Mechanical Components of a Code

Tracings captured during a code

The case was post-MI/ sp stenting and intra-aortic balloon pump was placed. I think the LAD was the culprit artery. 

I would just like to show in the tracings the mechanical component of VT (central venous pressure waves - CVP) and the arterial line (in a pt with AIBP - set at 1:2 AIBP support). 

Image 1 - 

Look at the mechanical effect of VT on the arterial pressure.

Image 2 -

An image showing the on-going compression (CPR) in a patient with VT and the arterial pressure it generates.

Image 3- 

CPR during VT and its generated pressure. 
Shock for VT.
Perceived organized electrical activity but absence of mechanical activity (no activity in the arterial waves).


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